Teochew Traditional Steamboat Restaurant 锦记海鲜火锅

锦记海鲜火锅 Teochew Traditional Steamboat Restaurant

176 Joo Chiat Rd #01-01 (Tel: 63488924)

Getting tired of fried and oily food. Want some good and healthy food?

Try dinning at Chinese Traditional Teochew Steamboat Restaurant. Here is one at Joo Chiat Rd which is particularly popular among local, Taiwan and Hong Kong celebrities!

Check it out and find out why this restaurant has attracted so many STARS!

Stars honoring the shop… 



Pork meat…


seaweed, vegetables…. 

Fishballs, beancurd, crabmeat….

Cooked them in the pot. Steamboat!


The sign reads Moneyback Guarantee!

While enjoying the Steamboat, pls take time to have a look at the beautiful painting below! ^o^

epochtimes.com A girl practicing Falun Gong Exercise 5 (Meditation) at the park. 

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